Djamil Zenasni


"Bruges have much taste, but there are remarkably few warm, cozy shops. It is mainly the large chains that can be found in the streets. Moreover, everyone was surprised by the broad service I could offer as a contractor (electricity, heating, painting and construction all kinds, until the entire design with handcrafted seats. A showcase for the whole range insisted on sight. The Hoogstraat  to do so seemed the ideal place."

"In the first place it is a case where all of its chairs and seats can be reupholstering. We offer a very wide range of substances, both in terms of brands and price. In addition to our own seats in our workshop. To make the window more attractive, we have all sorts of gadgets that bijeengesnuisterd were at flea markets.

Visit the showroom in the Hoogstraat 42 Bruges and get advice and inspiration from the passion of Djamil.