Djamil Zenasni


Djamil Zenasni has opened a store in the Hoogstraat 42 in Brugge that specializes in reupholstering chairs and seats. "As a seven year old boy I came from Algeria via France to Brussels" said Djamil Zenasni. "After my studies in economics, I handed my diploma ovet to my mother and I thanked her for giving me the opportunity to follow university studies.

But I promised myself just to do what I really like it. I was 20 years a partner in The hopscotch (an organic cheese factory in Ghent) and I renovated a historic building in Bruges to a beautiful house and also cottages (www. - which are found in various magazines deco. The success of my own home quickly led to new jobs and to the creation of a small construction company “Bouwteam Belgium”, which refurbishes old buildings in a warm and colorful style.

In addition, I do reupholstering of seats and making footstools in the traditional way with springs and natural fibers, usually commissioned by decorators which is al many years my passion.